Consultation – visits twice a year are recommended to fix problems in the beginning, not in painful situations

Cleaning – professional tooth cleaning is the way to prevents lot of dental problems

X-Ray – our digital technique saves 90% of radiation exposure

Emergency treatment (next to opening time) – because toothaches don’t know the clock…

Bleaching – whiter tooth give higher self-confidence

Child-prophylaxis up to age of 16 – for a lifelong dental health

Local gum treatment – if the gum is aching…


Filling incl. pin-fixing if needed – high quality composites give you long-living invisible fillings

Sealing of a side tooth – to secure the hard to clean points of a tooth

Inlay gold or ceramics – the best way to fulfil holes

Crown gold or ceramics – when the tooth defect is too big for a filling

Dentures also with metal base – if some or all teeth are missing

Implant abutment and crowns – often the best way to replace a lost tooth


Endodontic Treatment – the way to vanish toothaches and keep a tooth

Dental surgery

Extractions of teeth and roots, also impacted ones – in unfortunately case of irreversible damage we remove your tooth painless

Apicoectomy – if a root canal treatment isn’t enough to vanish the problems

Periodontic treatment and operations, also with laser support – periodontal disease is an often unnoticed reason for loosening of teeth

Plastic covering of a gum defect – to cover a tooth neck with gum again

Implant uncovering – an needed step in implantology

Splint treatment – to solve nasty aching problems in jaw joint

Implantation of mini-implants (MDI-Implants > LINK)

Dental technique

In own lab we’re producing for our patients and for other dentists dentures, ceramic-crowns, ceramic bridges, inlays, splints,  and many more!